24 Best Things to Do in Ginza Tokyo

Things to Do in Ginza Tokyo

Ready to explore Tokyo beyond its well-trodden tourist trails? You’ve landed in the right place! Tokyo, the city that effortlessly blends the ancient and the ultra-modern, has countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From cutting-edge art galleries to delectable ramen spots, this metropolis is a treasure trove of unique experiences that delve beyond the usual top Tokyo tourist attractions.

One of the area’s that captures this dynamic blend perfectly is Ginza. Ginza is one of Tokyo’s most sophisticated districts, where Edo period history meets modernity at every turn. Just a short walk from Ginza Station, you’ll find Kabukiza, the main theater for the intriguing art of Kabuki. Here, traditional Japanese drama unfolds on stage with an intensity that’s hard to match.

Foodies will find their paradise in Ginza as well. With an array of gourmet restaurants and quaint eateries around every corner, your quest for the perfect bowl of ramen is destined to end here. And for those with a penchant for shopping, Matsuya Ginza is an absolute must-visit!

So, let’s dive into this vibrant journey together, exploring the hidden facets of Tokyo that lie just waiting for your discovery. Trust us; it’s an adventure you won’t forget!


1. Visit the Kabuki-za Theatre

Kabuki-za Theater: Traditional Kabuki Performances

The Kabuki-za Theatre in Ginza offers visitors the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese theater performances. Located in the heart of Tokyo, this iconic venue has a long history dating back to 1889.

Kabuki is a unique art form that combines drama, music, and dance, showcasing vibrant costumes and elaborate makeup. A visit to the Kabuki-za Theatre is a must for anyone seeking a taste of traditional Japanese culture.

The theater hosts regular shows throughout the year, allowing visitors to witness captivating performances by talented actors. It is advisable to book tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

After enjoying a mesmerizing show, explore the surrounding area of Ginza which boasts numerous attractions such as upscale shopping centers and exquisite restaurants serving delicious cuisine from around the world.

If you’re intrigued by the traditional Japanese drama unfolding on stage at Kabuki-za, you might also enjoy exploring the vibrant and modern Shibuya activities, which offer a different but equally exciting side of Tokyo.

2. Shop at Shiseido Ginza

Located in the heart of Ginza, Shiseido Ginza offers a unique shopping experience that showcases a wide range of beauty products and cosmetics.

As one of the most renowned cosmetic brands in Japan, Shiseido has established itself as a leader in the industry with its high-quality and innovative products.

The store in Ginza is no exception, providing visitors with an immersive experience in Tokyo’s fashion district.

Step inside and be greeted by elegant displays featuring the latest trends and timeless classics.

From skincare to makeup, fragrances to haircare, Shiseido Ginza has it all.

Whether you are looking for a personalized consultation or simply browsing for inspiration, this destination is a must-visit for anyone interested in beauty and fashion.

So when exploring things to do in Ginza, don’t miss out on the opportunity to shop at Shiseido Ginza and indulge your senses in Tokyo’s cosmopolitan charm.

3. Explore GINZA SIX

Ginza Six Tokyo

Situated in the heart of Tokyo’s fashionable district, GINZA SIX offers a captivating experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in the allure of luxury shopping and cultural exploration.

This upscale shopping complex boasts a wide array of high-end boutiques, exquisite dining options, and a myriad of entertainment opportunities.

Visitors can indulge in world-renowned sushi at one of the many renowned restaurants or explore the traditional Japanese hot spring located within the premises.

GINZA SIX also provides an observation deck that affords breathtaking views of Tokyo’s skyline, allowing visitors to appreciate the city’s architectural wonders fully.

For those interested in immersing themselves in Japanese culture, various workshops and exhibitions are regularly held here.

After a day of luxury shopping and cultural exploration at GINZA SIX, why not experience the vibrant Shinjuku nightlife? It’s another side of Tokyo that you won’t want to miss.

4. Explore the Art Aquarium Museum

art aquarium in ginza

Nestled within the bustling streets of Tokyo’s vibrant Ginza district lies the Art Aquarium Museum, a mesmerizing haven that transports visitors into a world where art and aquatic life converge in a symphony of colors and shapes.

This unique museum offers an immersive experience that combines the beauty of underwater creatures with stunning artistic displays.

The Art Aquarium Museum showcases a wide variety of fish species, from vibrant goldfish to exotic tropical fish, housed in beautifully designed tanks that resemble works of art themselves.

Visitors can wander through the museum’s dimly lit halls, marveling at the intricate details and vivid colors of both the fish and their surroundings. The museum also hosts special exhibits throughout the year, offering visitors new and exciting displays to enjoy.

Whether you’re a sushi lover or simply seeking something different on your trip to Tokyo, exploring the Art Aquarium Museum is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you captivated by its ethereal beauty.

5. Shop at Uniqlo Ginza

Uniqlo Ginza

Renowned for its minimalist aesthetic and affordable yet high-quality clothing, Uniqlo Ginza stands as a fashion mecca in Tokyo’s vibrant shopping district. As one of the best places to visit in Tokyo, this flagship store offers an experience that is both unique and quintessentially Japanese.

Upon stepping into Uniqlo Ginza, visitors are greeted by sleek, modern interiors that exude sophistication.

The expansive space showcases an extensive range of clothing for men, women, and children, catering to diverse tastes and styles. From basic essentials to trendy pieces, shoppers can find something suitable for any occasion.

With its commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Uniqlo has become synonymous with cool things and has garnered a loyal following worldwide.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply looking for stylish yet affordable options while visiting Tokyo, a visit to Uniqlo Ginza is not to be missed.

6. See Japanese Elegance Up Close at Kagami Crystal

After indulging in some shopping at Uniqlo Ginza, visitors can continue their exploration of Japanese elegance by visiting Kagami Crystal.

Located in the heart of Ginza, Kagami Crystal is a renowned crystal manufacturer that showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty of Japanese glassware.

As one enters the store, they are immediately captivated by the shimmering displays of delicate crystal pieces that adorn the shelves. The attention to detail and precision evident in each creation is truly mesmerizing.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness skilled artisans at work, demonstrating their expertise in shaping molten glass into intricate masterpieces.

The serene atmosphere allows for an immersive experience, as guests appreciate the artistry and finesse that goes into every piece.

Whether one desires to purchase a unique souvenir or admire these stunning creations up close, Kagami Crystal offers an enchanting glimpse into the world of Japanese elegance right in the heart of Ginza.

7. Experience Elegant Japanese Design at MUJI GINZA

Located in the heart of Ginza, MUJI GINZA offers a captivating experience that showcases elegant Japanese design through its minimalist aesthetic and attention to detail. With its clean lines, neutral color palette, and emphasis on functionality, MUJI GINZA embodies the essence of Japanese design philosophy.

The store’s interior is thoughtfully designed to create a sense of tranquility and harmony, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere. From furniture to clothing, household items to stationery, each product at MUJI GINZA reflects simplicity and elegance.

Visitors can browse a wide range of carefully curated items embodying the concept of ‘less is more.’ Whether you are looking for sleek home decor or stylish apparel, MUJI GINZA promises an unforgettable shopping experience where you can appreciate the beauty of elegant Japanese design.

8. Stock up on Stationery at Itoya

Itoya, a stationery store in Ginza, offers an extensive selection of high-quality writing instruments and paper products. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Ginza, Itoya is a haven for stationery enthusiasts and those looking to stock up on unique and elegant writing materials.

The store carries a wide range of items, including pens, pencils, notebooks, and specialty papers. Each product at Itoya is carefully curated to meet the highest standards of quality and design. The elegant layout of the store enhances the shopping experience, allowing customers to explore different sections dedicated to various types of stationery.

Whether you are an artist seeking inspiration or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, a visit to Itoya is sure to delight your senses and fulfill your stationery needs while exploring things to do in Ginza.

9. Visit Onsenza, the Oita Specialty Store

Continuing our exploration of Ginza, a district renowned for its wide array of attractions, let us now turn our attention to another captivating establishment: Onsenza, the Oita Specialty Store.

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Ginza, this store offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the cultural richness and traditional craftsmanship of Oita prefecture.

As one ventures into Onsenza, they are immediately enveloped by an ambiance that transports them to the serene hot springs and lush landscapes of Oita.

The store showcases an exquisite collection of locally sourced products ranging from bath salts and cosmetics to pottery and textiles, all meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

This article section will further delve into the contextually relevant details about why visiting Onsenza is indeed one of the must-do things in Ginza for those seeking a momentary escape from their daily routine while embracing freedom through cultural immersion.

10. Explore Regional Delights at Marugoto Kochi

Situated in the vibrant district of Ginza, a visit to Marugoto Kochi offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural treasures and culinary delights of Kochi prefecture. As one explores this hidden gem, there are numerous unique things to see and experience.

Marugoto Kochi showcases a wide array of products that highlight the rich heritage of Kochi, ranging from traditional crafts to local delicacies. Visitors can marvel at intricate pottery, exquisite lacquerware, and stunning textiles, all finely crafted by skilled artisans from the region. For those seeking a taste of Kochi’s culinary prowess, the store also offers an assortment of locally sourced ingredients such as yuzu citrus fruits and Tosa soy sauce.

With its blend of cultural artifacts and gastronomic delights, Marugoto Kochi is undoubtedly one of the cool places to visit in Ginza for anyone looking for authentic experiences within Tokyo’s bustling cityscape.

11. Discover Spiritual Tranquility at Tsukiji Honganji

Another must-visit attraction in the vibrant district of Ginza is Tsukiji Honganji, a renowned Buddhist temple that offers visitors a serene and spiritual escape from Tokyo’s bustling cityscape.

Located just a short distance from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, this temple stands as an architectural masterpiece with its unique blend of Indian and Japanese architectural styles. The exterior showcases intricate carvings and a majestic entrance gate, while the interior boasts a tranquil atmosphere adorned with beautiful murals and statues.

Visitors can explore the spacious grounds, offering peaceful gardens and reflective pools that provide an ideal setting for meditation or quiet contemplation. Whether one seeks solace or wants to immerse themselves in Japanese culture, a visit to Tsukiji Honganji is not to be missed when exploring things to do in Ginza.

12. Try Matcha Ice Cream at Tsujiri, Ginza

Tsujiri in Ginza offers a delectable treat for matcha enthusiasts – their renowned matcha ice cream, a must-try delicacy that combines the rich and earthy flavors of high-quality Japanese green tea with the creamy texture of ice cream.

Located in the heart of Ginza, Tsujiri is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike. The vibrant green color and distinct aroma of matcha are instantly recognizable as you approach the shop. Tsujiri takes pride in using only the finest matcha powder from Uji, Kyoto, ensuring an authentic and flavorful experience.

Each scoop of their matcha ice cream is velvety smooth and indulgent, providing a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Whether you’re strolling through Ginza or looking for a refreshing dessert after shopping, trying Tsujiri’s matcha ice cream is an absolute must to immerse yourself in this area’s culinary delights fully.

13. Savor Some of Tokyo’s Best Sushi

Tokyo offers a plethora of sushi options, allowing visitors to indulge in some of the best and freshest seafood delicacies available in the city.

Ginza, in particular, is known for its exquisite sushi establishments that cater to discerning palates. One such place is Sukiyabashi Jiro, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant that has gained international acclaim. Here, diners can savor the mastery of Chef Jiro Ono as he meticulously prepares each piece of sushi with precision and finesse. The quality of the ingredients is unparalleled, with the fish being sourced directly from Tsukiji Market every morning.

Another noteworthy option is Sushi Saito, which consistently ranks among the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo. With its intimate setting and dedication to perfection, it promises an unforgettable dining experience for sushi enthusiasts.

Overall, Ginza offers an array of choices for those seeking the best sushi in Tokyo.

14. Savor Ginza’s Flavors at Yabaton

Located in the heart of Ginza, Yabaton is a must-visit establishment for those looking to explore the diverse culinary scene of this renowned district. As one of the unique things to do in Ginza, a visit to Yabaton promises an unforgettable dining experience.

This restaurant is known for its exceptional tonkatsu, a Japanese dish consisting of breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets. The attention to detail and commitment to quality are apparent in every bite. Yabaton offers a variety of tonkatsu options, each meticulously prepared using only the finest ingredients. From perfectly crispy breading to tender and juicy meat, every aspect of their tonkatsu is expertly executed.

With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, Yabaton provides the perfect setting for enjoying this iconic Tokyo delicacy.

15. Experience Exquisite Japanese Vegan Cuisine at AIN SOPH Ginza

Continuing our exploration of things to do in Ginza, we now turn our attention to a culinary gem that caters to those seeking a unique and exquisite dining experience. Located in the heart of this vibrant district, Ain Soph Ginza offers an exceptional taste of Japanese vegan cuisine.

With its focus on using high-quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, Ain Soph takes plant-based dining to new heights.

Stepping into their elegant restaurant, guests are greeted by a serene ambiance that perfectly complements the artistry of their dishes. From beautifully presented sushi rolls bursting with fresh flavors to delicately crafted tempura made from seasonal vegetables, every plate is a work of art.

The skilled chefs at Ain Soph masterfully blend traditional Japanese flavors with contemporary influences, resulting in truly memorable culinary creations.

Whether you are a committed vegan or simply looking for an extraordinary gastronomic adventure, Ain Soph Ginza promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the rich heritage of Japanese cuisine while embracing the principles of freedom and choice.

16. See a Mysterious Jizo Statue at Ginza Mitsukoshi

Jizo Statue

The allure of Ginza Mitsukoshi is heightened by the presence of a mysterious Jizo statue, captivating visitors with its enigmatic aura.

Located in the heart of Ginza, this iconic department store is renowned for its luxury brands and exquisite shopping experience. However, amidst the bustling atmosphere, one can find solace and intrigue in the enigmatic Jizo statue.

Standing tall and serene, it exudes an air of mystery that draws in passersby. The statue’s origins remain unknown, adding to its allure and mystique.

Visitors are often left wondering about its purpose and significance within the context of Ginza Mitsukoshi. Whether you are a local or a tourist exploring Ginza’s vibrant streets, taking a moment to see this mysterious Jizo statue is an experience that will leave you pondering its secrets long after you leave Ginza Mitsukoshi behind.

17. Learn About Japanese Cinema at the National Film Center

A captivating opportunity awaits at the National Film Center, located in Ginza, offering visitors a chance to delve into the rich history and artistic wonders of Japanese cinema.

As one of the premier institutions dedicated to preserving and showcasing Japan’s cinematic heritage, the National Film Center provides an immersive experience for film enthusiasts and those seeking to learn more about this important aspect of Japanese culture.

The center houses an extensive collection of films, including classic masterpieces and contemporary works, allowing visitors to explore various genres and styles.

Through exhibitions, screenings, and educational programs, visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of Japanese cinema and its significant contributions to the global film industry.

Whether you are a seasoned cinephile or simply curious about Japanese cinema, the National Film Center offers an engaging and informative experience that is not to be missed when exploring the vibrant district of Ginza.

18. Enjoy Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Art at Free Galleries in Ginza

Moving on from exploring the world of Japanese cinema, another captivating aspect of Ginza awaits visitors: the opportunity to immerse oneself in traditional and contemporary Japanese art at various free galleries.

These galleries offer a window into the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions of Japan. From delicate brushwork depicting serene landscapes to bold and vibrant contemporary installations, there is something to captivate every art enthusiast. The juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary works allows for a dynamic exploration of Japanese art across different periods.

Visitors can freely wander through these galleries, taking their time to appreciate the intricate details and diverse range of artistic styles on display. Whether one is an avid art aficionado or simply curious about the beauty that Japanese culture has to offer, these free galleries provide an enriching experience that truly allows visitors to enjoy and engage with Japanese art in Ginza.

19. Unleash Your Inner Child at Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Unleashing your inner child at Hakuhinkan Toy Park offers a whimsical and immersive experience where one can indulge in an array of playful and imaginative toys that transport visitors to a world of joy and nostalgia.

Located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo’s upscale shopping district, this unique attraction is a haven for toy enthusiasts of all ages. The park boasts multiple floors filled with an extensive selection of toys, games, puzzles, and collectibles from Japan and worldwide.

From classic favorites to the latest trends, Hakuhinkan Toy Park caters to every interest imaginable. Visitors can explore themed sections, such as dolls, action figures, building blocks, board games, and rare vintage toys.

With its vibrant atmosphere and endless possibilities for fun discoveries, Hakuhinkan Toy Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to unleash their inner child while exploring the wonders of Ginza.

20. Test Your Luck at Toyoiwa Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine

Test Your Luck at Toyoiwa Inari Shrine, situated in the bustling district of Ginza, is a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive cultural experience.

The shrine offers visitors a chance to partake in traditional rituals and prayers, creating an atmosphere filled with anticipation and excitement.

As you step into the sacred grounds, you will be greeted by vibrant red torii gates that lead the way to the main hall. Here, you can witness locals engaging in age-old customs, such as writing wishes on wooden plaques or purchasing omamori (charms) for good fortune.

The serene ambiance of Toyoiwa Inari Shrine provides a peaceful respite from the bustling cityscape of Ginza while offering an opportunity to test your luck and seek blessings for a prosperous future.

21. Visit the National Museum of Modern Art

Situated in the vibrant district of Ginza, the National Museum of Modern Art offers visitors an immersive cultural experience through its extensive collection of contemporary artworks.

This iconic institution provides a platform for contemplation and engagement with the evolving nature of artistic expression.

The museum showcases a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, and installations, highlighting the creativity and innovation of modern artists.

Wander through the spacious galleries adorned with captivating masterpieces that capture emotions and provoke thought.

Each artwork tells a unique story and invites viewers to interpret its meaning, fostering a sense of freedom in artistic exploration.

A visit to the National Museum of Modern Art is an essential activity for those seeking to appreciate and be inspired by the ever-changing world of contemporary art in Ginza.

If you’re fascinated by the contemporary art scene in Tokyo, you’ll also want to explore the top tourist spots in Roppongi, where you can find a blend of modern architecture, art galleries, and vibrant nightlife.

22. Experience the Bustle at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

After immersing yourself in the world of contemporary art at the National Museum of Modern Art, take a step back into the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Tsukiji Fish Market.

Located just a short distance from Ginza, this iconic market is a must-visit for those staying in Tokyo or exploring the area around it. As one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world, Tsukiji offers a unique glimpse into the rich seafood culture in Japan.

From early morning auctions to rows upon rows of fresh and exotic seafood, there is an abundance of sights, sounds, and smells to experience here.

Whether you are a food enthusiast or intrigued by Japanese traditions, visiting Tsukiji Fish Market is sure to be an unforgettable highlight during your time in Tokyo.

23. Take a Moment at the Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Garden

Surrounded by towering skyscrapers, the Hamarikyu Gardens offer a serene oasis in the heart of Tokyo, like a tranquil island amidst a sea of concrete. Located near Ginza, these gardens provide visitors with a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The lush greenery, meticulously manicured landscapes, and peaceful ponds create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. Walking along the pathways lined with cherry blossom trees in spring or colorful maple leaves in autumn is truly a sight to behold.

The gardens also have a rich historical context as they were once used as duck hunting grounds for feudal lords. Today, they serve as a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take a moment away from the chaos of urban living and immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

24. Explore the Innovative World at Nissan Crossing

Explore the Innovative World at Nissan Crossing

Nissan Crossing unveils a world of innovation and cutting-edge technology, captivating visitors with its futuristic displays and interactive experiences. Located in the heart of Ginza, Nissan Crossing is a must-visit destination for those seeking to explore the innovative world of automotive design and technology.

The showroom showcases Nissan’s latest models, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the advancements made in electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Visitors can delve into the brand’s history through contextually relevant exhibits while gaining insight into their future vision.

From virtual reality experiences to interactive displays, every corner of Nissan Crossing offers an engaging and informative experience. Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply curious about the future of transportation, a visit to Nissan Crossing will leave you inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead.

What is Ginza Famous For?

Ginza is known for its luxurious shopping, boasting high-end boutiques, designer brands, and upscale department stores. It’s a premier destination for fashion, dining, and entertainment in Tokyo, Japan.

Delving deeper, Ginza is a Tokyo district synonymous with luxury and opulence. It’s home to numerous flagship stores of international designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, making it a paradise for fashion enthusiasts. But it’s not just about fashion; Ginza also offers a rich blend of modern and traditional Japanese culture.

This area is famous for its art galleries, theaters, and cafes, providing a vibrant cultural scene. It’s also home to the Kabukiza Theatre, where you can experience the traditional Japanese performing art of Kabuki.

Frequently Asked Questions About Things to Do in Ginza Tokyo

Ginza is popular for its upscale shopping, high-end boutiques, department stores, luxury brands, and elegant dining options. It is renowned as one of Tokyo’s most prestigious and fashionable districts.

Yes, Ginza is worth visiting, especially if you are interested in high-end shopping, luxury brands, and gourmet dining experiences. It offers a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere with a wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

In Ginza, you can enjoy walking along the iconic Chuo-dori, the main street running through the district. It is a pedestrian-friendly street lined with luxury boutiques, department stores, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, Ginza also has several pedestrian-friendly side streets and alleys that are worth exploring.

The famous street in Ginza is called Chuo-Dori. It is the main street that cuts through the heart of Ginza and is known for its upscale shops, department stores, luxury brands, and vibrant atmosphere. Chuo-Dori is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking for high-end shopping and dining experiences.