Kazu Nakazawa

Meet Kazu Nakazawa – your friendly guide to everything Japan. Born out of a beautiful blend of Filipino and Japanese cultures, Kazu’s been living, breathing, and loving Japan since he moved there in 2005. His deep-dive into the country’s stunning landscapes, rich traditions, delicious food, and captivating history has made him something of an insider, and he’s excited to share all he’s learned.

Keen on sharing his passion and extensive knowledge with the world, Kazu started Japan Escapades. It’s more than just a platform – it’s a growing community for those eager to explore and understand the heart of Japanese culture. Thanks to Kazu’s dedication, Japan Escapades serves as a bridge that connects the curious minds out there with the unique beauty and intricacies of Japan.

Kazu’s work is, in essence, a reflection of his own personal journey. It’s about a guy who arrived as a wide-eyed newcomer and grew into a knowledgeable local, eager to show others the ropes. When he’s not busy writing, he’s out there exploring new places and sharing Japan’s hidden gems with his readers.

In every piece he writes, Kazu extends a personal invitation to you. He wants you to wander, explore, and fall in love with Japan just like he did. With Kazu leading the way, there’s always a fresh, exciting escapade around the next corner, waiting for you to discover. So, if you’re ready to embark on a Japanese adventure, Kazu Nakazawa and Japan Escapades are your go-to sources.

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